Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sooz and the City

I thought that my last week as a clerk at the Second District Court in downtown Ogden would be chill. It's not. Not only am I cleaning out 5 years (literally) of old office decor and unused office supplies from the "Sooz Suite," I'm also working really hard to not leave ANY work behind for clerk that is replacing me.

On Tuesday, Sept 6 I will be starting my new job at the Matheson Courthouse (located in downtown SLC) at the Guardian Ad Litem's Office (Direct translation = Court appointed attorney for children and/or incapacitated persons). Aside from the dreaded commute, I am really excited to work in an office that advocates for little children. As far as I can tell, the job will entail basic clerical responsibilities including some light drafting of pleadings for the attorneys. It's a really small office filled with passionate folks eager to protect and defend the tiny innocent little victims of unfortunate situations. I feel a little nervous and anxious to get started and be a helpful part of the team. I feel like I have first day of school butterflies again!

I'm not sure if my car will know what to do when we drive to the train station Tuesday morning rather then pulling into the old familiar parking lot at the Ogden courthouse. My departure is bittersweet. There are many aspects of the court that I will really miss, and there are many I will not. New opportunity is exciting and I am feelings a rekindled sense of ambition. I am ready for the new adventure!