Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today, for like, the millionth time, I was running late and barely caught the bus. As I climbed onto the bus, wet hair, no make up, totally disheveled looking, I saw a girl on the bus who I just want to kill. As in rip her perfect looking face off. I can't understand why I feel such dislike for this woman that I hardly know. Only because she is beautiful? And appears to be perfect in every way?

As I hurriedly board the bus everyday, I always see her comfortably seated, snacking on a nutritious breakfast, reading her scriptures. Her outfits are always so cute, hair and makeup is always done, nails perfectly manicured and for all of the aforementioned reasons, I can't stand her. I've talked with her a few times on the bus and she filled me in on how perfect her life is. Although probably five years younger than I am, she's married, a homeowner and loves her perfect job and feels it's the best career move she's ever made. She sees herself retiring from this company. My life, in comparison, has been... a little less organized. I like my job...but it's a job, not a "career" by any means. I'm not married, with no prospects nor do I own a home...or anything for that matter.

And then, early this morning, as I sat on the dark cold bus brushing my wet hair into a pony and applying my make up, I realized something important: I have *got* to stop comparing myself to other peeps. Like, *have* to. This chick may appear perfect, but I've learned from hearing many a peeps stories that everyone has their stuff. And I may not be where I want to be in life right at this very moment, but I'm getting there. I've got a five year plan (it changes daily, but it's there). I have discovered that "inner peace" that comes with acknowledging my weaknesses. I have purpose and direction in my life and I know my worth. It's a good life, and seriously, I AM GOOD ENOUGH. So, let's do this.