Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here's to quiet moments...

Rachel and Baby Owen
Saturday was a special day in Sooz world. Aside from all the other goings on of a busy Saturday, one of my "besties" Rachel stopped by for a special Saturday visit. She lives in Logan so any "Rach time" I get is pretty rare and cherished. I jokingly tell Rach that I will journey up to "L-Town" for two reasons: the birth of any new babies and when she offers me a free message. Other then that, she comes down here to "O-town" occasionally to visit her parents (who live around the corner). Oddly enough, my house was empty Saturday afternoon. Rachel didn't bring husband Dave or little Owen, so for the first time in a long time, my friend and I had a chance to really chat. No matter how long we go without chatting, we pick up right where we left off as if time stood still since our last interaction.

Rachel is one of the very few friends that I attended elementary school with that I am still in contact with and remain good friends with. Throughout high school Rach dragged me to Seminary in the early morning hours and overall was a wonderful example of stellar superstar friendship.

Since we graduated, life obviously moved on. I dashed off to college and world travels. Rach finished message therapy school, bought a house, got married, had Baby Owen (who is now three and can sing "Twinkle" in French) and is expecting Baby #2 (John or Jane Doe) on Halloween day.

Spending a few minutes with her on Saturday was a real treat. Baby Doe must really like Auntee Sooz because the baby was moving around and I could feel the movement when I touched Rachel's pregnant stomach! It was amazing. I told Rach the Baby was trying to give me "knuckles" or a "fist pump" from inside the womb. The baby loves me the most already, I can tell.

It wasn't until after Rachel left and I had a few more minutes alone with my thoughts that I started thinking, "Look how far we have come Rach!" From our elementary/ Jr. High mischievous adventures, driver's license celebrations, first car triumphs, high school and college graduations, wedding days, homeowner successes and now babies. It's kind of hard to believe we are where we are in our lives. Like, grown ups or something. Through any big or monumental achievements I have accomplished thus far, I needn't look to far to see Rach around somewhere offering some kind of silent smiling support.

The enclosed photo is of Rachel's first pregnancy with Baby Owen. I took this photo for her when I was working as a photographer with Lifetouch Portrait studio. That was a really fun day and a super fun photo shoot.

So here's to you Rach and your "years of diligent service" of friendship. I couldn't be more excited to welcome Baby Doe (formally known as Baby X) into this world with one Mother of Baby/Diaper party.


  1. Deep, Sooz.
    I always enjoy when you share your feelings.
    Love you!
    Auntie C

  2. Thank you so much Sooz! I feel like you are the one who is deserving of all the praise, you've always been there for me, hardly ever the other way around! I can't wait til Saturday, it's going to be great.